International Scientific-Practical Conference: "Civil Dialogue. Methods, Mechanisms, Barriers And Prospects"

Instructions for Authors

The editorial requirements for the published papers:


1 The text of the paper should not have been published before.

2 Along with the paper information about the affiliation of the author should be sent with, e-mail address, mailing address, and telephone number.

3 Submitting text for publication is equivalent to the statement that the author holds the copyright to the text, and to consent to the publication of the paper by the Centre for Local Development Foundation in printed and electronic versions.

4 Texts should be sent by email to the following address:

5 Text size: 25 to 40 thousand characters, including a summary, keywords, footnotes and bibliography.

6 Attached to the paper should be:

  • abstract (approximately ½ page, up to 1000 characters), including:

Purpose of the paper;

Research of methodology / research approach;

Key findings / analysis;

Practical implications;

Social implications;

Keywords max. 6 words;

Paper category:

  • research paper,
  • case study,
  • methodical paper,
  • conceptual paper,
  • literature review
  • bibliography.


7 Font:
Times New Roman
The font size of 12 points.
Line spacing: 1.5
Margins (top, bottom, left and right): 2.5 cm

8 Charts and tables cannot be scanned. Tables should be prepared according to the following formula:


9 Source of the graphs and tables should cited.

10 Elements of the paper:

  • Title of the paper
  • Name
  • The name of the institution represented (affiliation)
  • Summary
  • Keywords
  • The content of the paper (division into sections and subsections)
  • Bibliography

11 Footnotes and bibliography should be prepared on the basis of the "Harvard style".


Harvard Referencing Style Guide


12 The Editor reserves the right to make any necessary shortcuts in the submitted materials, and other editorial corrections as required.

13 Editors will not the return submitted texts.

14 Authors of the published papers will receive one free copy of the book or magazine in paper or electronic form (PDF format) sent to the specified e-mail or postal address.

15 The condition for the publication of the text is the positive opinion of reviewers, or reference /acceptance by the author to any comments of reviewers.


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