International Scientific-Practical Conference: "Civil Dialogue. Methods, Mechanisms, Barriers And Prospects"

Date: 2014-02-01 do 2015-03-09



Centre for Local Development Foundation in Lublin, Faculty of Political Science at the Marie Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin and the Town of Lubartów would like to invite you to participate in the International Scientific-Practical Conference:

"Civil dialogue. Forms, mechanisms, barriers and prospects of development".

The conference is the completion of partnership project: "Turn up the dialogue". The program of cooperation between the self-government of Lubartów City and local communities for civil dialogue.

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund.


Description of the conference

Civil dialogue is a way of communication between public authorities and groups from other sectors, mainly NGOs. The main idea of civil dialogue is to create a stable, transparent and effective system for communication  between the public authorities and the representatives of the local community.

The document adopted by the Council of Ministers on October 22nd 2002: "Principles of Social Dialogue" states that NGOs participate in the elaboration and implementation of programs initiated by public authorities. They fill in for the government authorities by completing important tasks which the public administration is not in a position to fulfill.

The subject of civil dialogue is the development of strategies and public policies, as well as the mutual transfer of opinions, findings and development objectives at different levels of public administration. The expected result of civil dialogue is that citizens will have a greater impact on decissions that affect their daily life. They also will be involved in the formulation of policies, development programs and the implementation of tasks.


The main goal of the conference is to promote the idea of ​​civil dialogue, including the conduct of public consultation by a public authority with the participation of representatives of the social sector. The conference also aims to increase theoretical knowledge on civil dialog and the proper  practices in this field.


The conference will be attended by primarily:

  • academics
  • representatives of social organizations
  • representatives of public administration, particularly local government

Issues to be discussed during the conference:

  • civil dialogue in the development of democracy - the essence, characteristics and understanding
  • The role of the NGO's in civil dialogue
  • the ratio of public authority to civil dialogue
  • civil dialogue institutions and their activities
  • forms of civil dialogue
  • instruments and tools of civil dialogue
  • information policy of the public authorities and civil dialogue
  • the research results related to the existence of civil dialogue
  • formulation of public policies based on public consultation
  • implementation of public investment on the basis of public consultation
  • examples of solutions in the process of public consultation
  • innovations in civil dialogue
  • prospects for development and the reform of civil dialogue in Poland and other European countries
  • problems, barriers and threats to the development of civil dialogue
  • cross-sector cooperation and the creation of partnerships for civic dialogue
  • dissemination and sources of knowledge about civil dialogue
  • educational technologies for the civil dialogue development.


The proposed issues do not exhaust the whole issues that may be the subject of debate. Organizers are open to other suggestions falling within the conference.





Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz




Prof.  Stanislaw Michalowski



Krzysztof Żuk

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